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What Other Physicians Are Saying About Us

"Richard Rosenthal is one of the finest physicians that I have ever known or had the pleasure of working with. He is a healer. He is a teacher. He is a leader. His compassion and caring attitude puts patients at ease immediately. His confidence, based upon real knowledge, skill and experience, is tangible to patients and provides a healthy therapeutic alliance. He is a master of spinal intervention and has the best hands in this industry. Richard is always trying to reinvent himself and his practice for the benefit of his patients. His work in the area of regenerative and biological treatment of spinal and musculoskeletal injury is yet another example of his innovative style and intellectual ability. To have as a physician someone with a compassionate and caring heart is wonderful. To have as a physician someone with a compassionate, caring heart who also possesses knowledge, competence, confidence, and technical prowess is truly a blessing. I am then blessed- for Dr. Rosenthal has been taking care of my spine for years."

Aaron Calodney MD
Director Clinical Research
Precision Spine Care
Texas Spine and Joint Hospital

"Dr. Richard Rosenthal and I have worked together teaching regenerative medicine courses for a number of years. He is a superb educator demonstrating keen mastery over interventional pain medicine and regenerative medicine. Dr Rosenthal delivers world-class presentations and is a fantastic speaker. He has been a monumental mentor to me, and I learn something new with every interaction with him. I strongly recommend him to any patient in need of pain management services, or clinician in need of advanced training."

George C. Chang Chein, MD

Director of Pain Management at Ventura County Medical Center

"I'm an older physician (MD) who now has developed chronic neck and back pain. I choose to go to the best trained and most experienced pain specialist in Utah, Dr. Rosenthal at Nexus in Provo, UT. For over a decade, Dr. Rosenthal has been a national instructor, training and certifying other physicians and surgeons on the best interventional pain techniques. I was not disappointed. I was scheduled in a timely manner, evaluated efficiently and then, scheduled for cervical injections. (Cervical injections have "no room" for error.) Dr. Rosenthal performed my injections with precision and expertise. There were no complications. I have improved range of motion, better function, and significantly reduced pain. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenthal and his staff at Nexus. There are other good pain specialists in Utah but WHY NOT SEE THE BEST?!!"

Charles & Jan Watts/Bova

Nexus Pain Specialists

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